Some questions about Alpha 6 etc.

  • Hello there! :)

    I have some questions. I play Eco now for a few month - and I know it is still developing.

    So is there anywhere a Place you can finde a list of everything what was changed with Alpha 6?

    Then Fishing Traps - do they work and if yes you need some food to put inside?

    Can you plant tomatoes - and if yes how? I can harvest them but did not find out how to plant them.

    What about rice and mushrooms? You can harvest them somehow?

    How I fish I learned already. When I come across other questions I will submit them under this post.

    Thank you. :)

  • for the changelog, the devs posted a link in their official discord (this is the document)
    but everything else I have the exact same questions, but nobody has documented them as far as i'm aware :-/

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