Big Shovel? and fishtraps?

  • I want to craft a big shovel.... can anyone tell me how?
    first i thougt they took it out of the new version, but my shop can still sell big shovels. so is it posible to make one? or did they rename it? i noticed modern tools, but it wil be quit a while before ill could make those
    and if i make a modernshovel wit it dig more than one?...then a question for developers of strangeloops or anyone who knows.. do fishtraps work? or do we need to put in somthing magical or wait a month to catch a fish?, hope anyone has some answers...

  • Tried, tested, and...
    Big Shovels were from a time before the new tool grade change - and the modern tools only shovel 1, as well.
    The good ol' days of easy shovelling and mass building are gone.
    NOT FUN.

  • this is why i quite the game, and i dont think of planning to return at all. The servers are to death to play with this new system the created. You need to grind food and resources to repair your tools to often.
    How i see it where its wrong:
    1: we start the game with novice tools,
    2: you find an area where you want to work build on
    3: you gather food so you can start working(can be time consuming)
    4: you work on your area where you will live
    5: tools break gather more materials
    6: run out of food get food
    7: you work very little and your tools break again and from here on it repeats 4 to 6.

    We all know getting good food was already time consuming and hard to do. We needed dedicated farmers and cooks for that.
    Now the made that tree's re spawn slower and the leave debris which costs us more energy and tool durability to remove... now getting wood becomes a problem together with food and tools.... its just to much for the game in its current state. I cant support the decision the made. The game was fun at least it wasnt such a hassel without the tool durability... Now it just became a manage your hunger and tools game.

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