Anyway to get out of this? Trapped mid water, underwater on Steplife server.

  • Check out the screenshots below. Ive tried pressing every movement key, left it running for hours strafing left to get out nothing works. Any suggestions?

  • Also, /unstuck moved me close to the white void with still no movement ability.

  • ohhh ok ... thats odd :/ sadly the only thing i can recommend now would be a mod like clay's toolkit and use the tp command . is this problem reproducible easily?

  • It seems to only occur when im walking underwater. For some reason it will render underwater past a certain point, but (for me at least) it then will flicker and vanish. Unstuck moves you closer to it. All this occurs under water.

    It seems to always occur in very deep water for me. This is just the first time i got caught with my pants down.

    Server admin said waiting for the tool kit to come out for 6.0.0 Till then im stuck where i am.

  • They got me out, using dirt, they made a bridge out to the expanse and it popped me out of whatever it was. I fell through the earth till i appeared back on the rendered land.

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