Grass Regrowth

  • Been terraforming a large portion of land and there is no grass growing back around the dirt blocks that I have placed. Tree's are sprouting up like crazy (which is a good thing) but I can't seem to see any grass growing back on top of the dirt... Is it related (like in real life) to how much human or animal traffic is on top of the dirt that would logically prevent grass from growing, or do you think that this is some sort of bug?

  • I did see someone say that wood pulp will stop it from growing in the area. I have also seen somewhere they say that sometimes when you cut down a tree, it will place the wood pulp underground if there is an empty square there. I am not saying that is what is going on, is one of the many reasons it could be :)

  • Alrighty, I'll look into the whole "whole pulp under the soil" thing when I have time. So much to be tested. Thanks for the reply.

  • Yes, grass is spreading at incredible speed and kills the crops. in 3 minutes I can see the grass spread through the crops and around the terrain. The same for trees that are appearing very fast, also killing crops, even in the stockpile they appear. You cut a tree and several sprouts will appear nearby in no time.

  • @Jaredtherocker i have noticed that grass dies based on user activity in the area. My island has very low activity, just me and it grows like wildfire. Our main town area with several properties is almost all dirt now due to high activity. it must be related, thats my only guess.

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