[Client bug?] BSOD

  • First off, im posting this on the behalf of someone else who has lost interest in the game after multiple BSOD's. That being said I dont have ALL the information but it's something. A user on my site reported getting the "CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT" BSOD error while playing, and only playing Eco. There was no error log of any type.

    Link to original report.

    "ECO is causing this BSOD for me almost every 1-2 hours now. Well, my CPU is badly OC'ed Phenom 2 x6 1100 Stock is 3.3 i pushed it up to 4.4 but it works with all the games and benchmark programs I know and used. So I think that's related to ECO. I went back to stock clock to see if it's cause by my OC settings. Anyway... ECO is hurting my hardware and there is a cut for me. I make a few tests if it works and if not I will not touch it again until something happened with that piece of software :/"

  • ok .. i would suspect that something with your hardware or operation system might be wrong .. the reason why Eco is triggering this is because the client is not optimized yet .. and actually uses your cpu full out all the time.. for now i doubt that eco is the issue =( i am sorry but i need to be honest with you .. though .. when the client gets more optimized the error could disappear as long as you computer just does not like high cpu usage

  • Like I said, it's not my issue. :p I'm just making a post about it because it seems like it could be a big issue.

  • really doubt the main reason is because of eco =P so people having that issue might have issues with there hardware .. maybe some low voltages ? who knows =P

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