Am I the only one here that feels the devs are wasting their efforts?

  • I understand and appreciate the message that the devs are trying to send here, but I feel it's going out to the wrong crowd.

    See, gamers aren't the ones overfishing, polluting rivers with mining and chemical runoff, and deforesting the world. It's big corporations that are in it for the money. You could educate them all day and they wouldn't give a hoot about the world as long as they can get a paycheck at the end of the day.

    I could say more, but I feel like my point is made. Discuss?

  • Sometimes it is nearly impossible to re-educate the narrow-minded people who are out for greed. You have to educate the next generation, the ones that will replace the ones in power today.

  • That's a good point. I just really hope it works and my fears are unrealized.

  • Well beside hopefully being educational the game is also supposed to be fun. It is quite incredible how much you can learn passively.

    You might not notice it but maybe in the future you will make slightly different decision and support an Eco friendly solution even though it might cost a bit more like an electric car instead of a large diesel powered car.

    Who knows, maybe in the future you think about sorting trash or at least putting trash into a garbage bin instead out into nature... Those minor thinks could be something people learn, if not we hope the game can be at least fun in a way for people =)

  • @NoBlackThunder I agree with you in every point, I do mean this.

    But when it comes to cars, it's hard to stop me from using a combustion engine, and trade it with an electrical one, it's not as fun ;)

    I know it's more economical and can give you pleasure, but it does not give you the feel of a combustion engine nor the awesome sounds :), and yes I still agree with you, I'm just not ready to give up any of my beautiful cars for an electical one.

  • @NoBlackThunder I do all of this already. I live as eco-consciously as I can. I ride a bike, I turn off my appliances and lights when I'm not using them, I even pick up litter whenever I see it (just last month I pulled a couple of tires out of a stream near my house).

    Despite all this I don't feel like it's enough.
    When I get a car I'm hoping to be able to afford an electric. Right now I only have access to my bicycle or my parents' minivan, which I feel bad about every time I drive it.

    My biggest hope is that we can switch our entire planet's energy grid to using wholly 100% renewable energy. I hear there's a technology that can harness the energy of ocean waves. That would be amazing.

  • Good discussion, my thoughts are that the game doesn't need to be played by a mining technician controlling mining waste to be effective. A goal of the game is to educate people on the impact they have, giving them a context with which to ground a real-world understanding of these issues, and an appreciation for the complexity and depth of it, as well as familiarity with the tools for doing something about (statistical analysis, ecosystem analysis, government action, regulation). Reaching students when they're young, you can actually make a difference in the type of person that develops and what's important to them.

    Beyond that, more than anything I want the game to communicate complexity. It's called Eco because its the root of Economy and Ecology, you can't neglect either, and the message is never as simple as 'don't pollute kids!'. There's massive institutions all with overlapping needs and incentives. It's a thicket of a problem, which is why it isn't solved, and giving a contained version of that thicket to players is what I want do. That will be valuable in many ways.

  • The Gamers of today are the ones who will be in positions of Power later in their lives. The 'message' of this game is that everyone is important in a society, and change cannot happen unless everyone is brought-along in greater wisdom and knowledge. Everyone does contribute to pollution and systems of environmental abuse, inasmuch as they are complicit in consuming the products which come from those activities. Corporations are only providing services which are in-demand by the populace. Stop the demand, and you stop the cause of the unsustainable behaviors. Legislation can help, but ultimately it is education for all which is going to change the World...

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