Do Fish Traps work?

  • If so, how to do that? I have 5 laid out at various levels within this area of the ocean, that fish frequent and yet almost a day has passed and nothing has been caught. Please advise.

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  • Place them 1-3 blocks below the surface of the water, usually around the seaweed for best results. I have four placed and I get 200 Salmon and Trout every 10-12 hours in EACH of them.. fills up, and is quite heavy, very fast.

  • How can I dive down in the water, when I face down, I only get to see for like 1 second and then my head is forced back up. I have seen online videos of people getting urchins and claims but its not working for me. Is the some button combination that will keep me underwater?

  • hey mrl ;)

    you can dive down by holding your ctrl key ;)

    best regards

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