MW's Mods Alpha 6(New Updated 10/1/17)

  • Greetings one and all!

    New changes in A6:

    Wood now stacks up to 20 like stone does!

    (Yeah, MW HAS been lazy.. more later!)


    Fixed Logs free recycled bug
    Fixed Landfilled smaller and could not hold items either.



  • Good work Master Who!

    Is this mod allowed you to stack 20 logs in the stockpile or it is just on the carrying slot?

  • Carrying only. Stockpiles have majorly changed by now taking into the account to divide the stack by 5(height of the stockpile) so, 1 log can go 5 high and ores can go 5 high if you place 20 of them down, which is why ores can be stack 20 and everything else is 5. There is no way to fix this codewise, but I did fix it so Landfill will hold both items and carried items with normal limits.

    PS: I will be working on recycling tools and some other things. AS ALWAYS, Would love to hear from YOU! Feel free to leave feedback, wishes, likes, dislikes, and typical troll comments! ;)

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