Gaming community looking into starting a new ECO game server

  • Hi, I belong to a prominent gaming community, we are looking into the possibility of starting a new server and a new gaming group specifically for playing ECO.

    Things to note: we will require you to be on at specific times throughout the week (usually (2) 1 hour time periods) and partially active through out the week (we understand you have real lives)

    We would have specific rules set for the server I.E you can only do 2 skill trees

    If anyone is interested please comment on the post and let me know. We would be maybe looking to start this after alpha 6 and need to see a general level of interest from as many people as possible

  • Posting where your server is located would help us know if its worth signing off on. EU server for some is a dream others a lag-a-lichous time.

  • Also, you will be happy to know there are skill tree caps coming in the next update, I believe from the rummaging around in the server's settings in the 6.0 staging build.

    It doesn't look like they did it in a "max amount of skill trees", its actually in "Unlock Cap" that is described as: Players may not have more than this many skills level 1 or above (upgrades don't count towards this total). Which is good, because some trees are very extensive, whereas others are not.

    along with this, "AllowUnlearn" with true/false, and described: If set, players can unlearn skill.
    and "UnlearnRefundRate" described as: What percent (0-1) will players be refunded from the original cost when unlearning a skill? Defaults to none.

    I hope this helps with your idea of people picking roles in the community to further people working together.

    Cheers as always,


  • Where is the server located, how many players are you aiming for, and when are the times required to be on? I might consider joining.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Khader the server would most likely be NA and if there is a big enough need and interest they generally open a EU server soon after

  • @RebelWisp. Thank you, hopefully they implement that in the next update. I have run two servers for the game before and the 1st no one traded as they all had the skills to do whatever they wanted. Only issue i may see is not enough online activity if someone has no skills in one category or no one reaching high enough in a skill tree to be able to share with everyone else. I got around this in the last server by simply stating you can have the one first level research in all fields and then fill out one field completely

  • @Micro753. NA server, anytime really but usually the mandatory times twice a week are usually later in the evenings. One day on the weekend and another day during the week. Server size i would hope to have atleast 15 active players playing around 6 hours a week not including mandatory times. We would also provide a teamspeak channel for all members

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