Ecological effects in Eco

  • I'm fairly new to ECO but I was immediately sold on the game's focus on saving the world without destroying it. There are very few games that focus on ecology and I'm not certain what all this game has that lets you see the effects of ecology deterioration. Is there a roadmap somewhere of all the concepts the devs wish to implement?

    I haven't played the game for very long, but this is the list of what the game already includes:

    • Species Extinction-
      Hunt a species until there is no more of them left, permanently hindering crafting/advancement

    • Ground Pollution-
      Industrial byproducts cause the ground to become unusable

    • Air Pollution-
      industrial byproducts raise CO2 Levels, changing the biomes and sea level

    • Deforestation-
      Felling trees destroys the surrounding area and takes time to reclaim

    • Water Pollution-
      Industrial byproducts cause plant and animal life to avoid the area

    Are there more systems going to be implemented in the future? Are there other systems that I do not know about? I would very much like to see this list in one place.