Tailings appearing in ground.

  • I worked very hard to contain all my tailings underground and safe. Today I log in and my area is very contaminated, I swap to map and there are hotspots all over map near my areas. I did further snooping and find random tailing burried about 3 blocks deep under areas near my property. My question is do tailings randomly form in wild after a contamination event or is someone sabotaging my area? considering most are on edge of my properties.

  • So it appears as tho it was sabotage, the team of culprits were Blacklisted!

  • Howdy !

    Sadly this can unfortunately happen that people want to sabotage other people from time to time :(

  • Sadly for them I'm also the server admin and looked through the logs saw they were the ones making tailings. Then even funnier watching the polution on the website.... starts in their property. Spreads to my 3-4 areas, then big dump in the social peoples town square. Also matching that to serverlogs was easy. Not sure why dumb people do dumb things but blacklist fixed it. Not sure if its against a forum rule to name and shame or i would put them on blast.

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