My Private server....

  • I have followed the instructions from the wiki etc and downloaded the server files and started my own server. However.. I'm running into a lot of questions I can't find answers for.. Like.. For instance:

    1. why did it let me play the first day I created the server but now it only ever shows as offline, even when I have the clients for the server host open?
    2. I added my username into the admin (collection) list, but I am unable to use ANY commands in game.. why/how do i fix this?
    3. I have looked for mod coding and where to put it but have YET to actually find ANYTHING of help.. I find stuff where people talk about it or a problem with it, but no where does it say how to turn on TP ability etc. I did finally find 1 list of a few commands like /give user item xquantity etc but that was it and even those didn't work. I'm guessing because it never actually made my user admin??

    I'm so lost here and nothing I've found really helps.. Everything says 'here you set it up then done' well that's fine. yes the server is there.. or was at least.. but then nothing else to go with it... sighs Could someone help?? I'm not that stupid when it comes to this sort of stuff but for some reason I just keep hitting a wall here..

  • oh and 4) how do I reset the server ? or restart it without having to uninstall and reinstall everything..?

  • .2) After adding yourself to the admin list you need to save (file>save), and then restart the server. In needs to load the file to register the changes

    .4) To create a new world what I do is you in the server folder, delete Storage/ and then when you restart the server it will create a new world. ( is the save file. If you want to use a backup. Delete, name a backup file and put it at it's place.)

    For the server I don't know I wasn't able to set up my own either, the wiki guide is the best help out there as far as I know.

  • To add to what mog said to do with the admin list part make sure you spell you in-game name exactly as it is in game.. most of the time the first letter is a capital letter

  • I did. I made it Babydluv81 which is the exact capital and punctuation etc I use in game. I wasn't sure which file to delete until you mentioned it so I ended up just deleting and reinstalling. I did add myself to the admin list before loading it this time but doesn't seem to be a change.

    How do I enable commands like TP and Give etc?

  • well.. with all the names etc being always capitalized I could no longer be sure of the spelling. So I added them all to the admin list lol. Which apparently worked. now it doesn't say give command didn't' work just said couldn't find the item lol. So thanks. Some of this was helpful.

  • @babydluv81 for the TP command have you installed a modkit that has the TP command in it? i suggest clayc's toolkit

  • No. I haven't. I was thinking I might be able to edit coding somewhere. Didn't think about downloading. That might be why I couldn't find what I was looking for. I'll try that. Thank you everyone.

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