Having a bit more of a goal to the game

  • The title might be a bit of a miss but what i mean is that there is a bit little to do, and the rewards are a bit boring.

    One of my first goals when starting eco, was getting the motorised cart, but when i got it i realized that it was slow and really ugly. And since that sever i was on had little infrastrucktre, all we managed to do was build a dirt road, but even then it still a bit boring. I would honestly like to see more cars and such. Cars made the world we live in, so not having them in the game is a bit... yea boring.

    And you might wonder what i mean when saying cars, well i dont mean a whole fleet of cars, but something simple and usable.

    We could have a pickup that could be based on the old toyta hilux, since that is a desing that would fit in really good into the game if you ask me, but it would also be a car you could load up with a whole tonn of items, making it perfect for making infrastuckture.

    And we could also have sort of sedan, just like a bit old desing. And it would have lower capasity that the pick up, but would be able to carry 4 people, and even better if you could make an EV version of it.

    this is something i write while beeing tierd, so it might sound dum. But i would still like to hear your thoughts

  • You need large stone roads to appreciate the powered cart. And when you want to travel long distances they do the job quite well.
    Better cars would be great for sure, but they also surely would require large asphalt roads. So if you struggle building dirt roads you really wouldn't have a use for them.

    Also right now the game performances are a limiting factor, or maybe it's my computer, but at the speed of the powered cart there is already stuff not loading in time. The performances are being worked on though, so in the future in might not be a problem any more.

  • We definite have a lot planned for future vehicles - transport is a big part of the game and we wouldn't want to neglect it.

    We're definitely aiming to add more things for people to do (both profession specific and overall goals) as we move towards beta.

  • oh okey, nice to know :D

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