Everything is a brick ?

  • Was on my server and this guy said that there was a bug with his chest. Here is the video that shows what is happening.

    Seems to happen with a chest in his basement too with tailings (not on video).


  • You will need to get an admin to come along and delete the chests that have carryable only items in them and spawn in the items back in for you as atm thats the only easy way to fix your bug

  • I'm the admin, but didn't want to use admin commands, I didn't use it since the beginning, so I don't think I need to use it now either as it seems to be multiple chest. But thank you for the answer :).

  • Well without editing server files that's the only other way your going to be able to use those chests again..
    If a chest ends up with carryables or a stockpile ends up with inventory items in it it bugs out that storage till it's either deleted or server files edited

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