September 27th

  • I got the email that states We're going to be shipping Alpha 6 on September 27th. Lots of new features and bug fixes coming through with this release, it will be a big one. You can download Eco on our site, which will include our Steam release this year

    Does this mean September 27th is the Steam Release?

    What are your thoughts :)

  • I hope that they add auto blacklists to certain user types, before mass 10 million of users steam release, or servers are easily filled with "unwanted" users.
    Few examples, black-listed countries / languages / etc...
    (reason is simply, i am living in low latency area to countries that i cant even read their text).

  • No sorry, just Alpha 6. Steam release is planned for 'later this year', not sure when though. Or early next year, just so I dont overpromise :)

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