List of Improvements

  • I've been taking notes in a notepad while playing in my 2 weeks of vacation. I played over 150h already in 2 weeks and love the game. I didn't have time to get them one by one on the forum because I didn't want to lose any minutes playing that game :).

    Here is the list of what I find that would be useful to the game. Don't hesitate to communicate with me if you need any specification.

    • In Storage Menu List, put to the top right an arrow to move one up instead of dragging or a TOP to be 1st on top

    • Chest & Stockpile Sorted alphabetical (a button that would ask you to do it top right as well)

    • In storage, check or uncheck all (Storage Menu where you can link them)

    • Be Able to transfer All from one stockpile or chest to another (another button top right transfer all to the one over or top)

    • Default new Storage or chest, should be Uncheck (unlink) and at the bottom of list as when I have 30 chests in the area, its a pain to figure where my things are going.

    • Coordinates of the cart on the deed (we lose some carts due to bug) or show carts on map like the signs.

    • Sneak button not to fall down every time as it is a pain to build up a mountain and always fall down or when building a bridge.

    • Should have a tax on currency creation in the mint (when you are 1st to create the mint and put public, there is no charge or taxes

    • Sales tax, when store is buying, store should pay the tax not the seller. So let say a customer wants to sell Iron Ingot for 2$... The store receive the Iron ingot and pays the 10% tax (0.20$), so gives 2$ to the seller and pays 0.20$ to the government . Other way around, the customer buys an Iron Ingot for 2$, well he pays the 0.20$ so 2.20$ is the price he pays. Or instead of like Americans where you add the taxes to the showing price, we could do like in Denmark and include the taxes in prices. So 2$ is 2$ and you get the 1.80$ in your pocket and 0.20$ to the government.

    • Should be able to rotate stairs as we wish and not be automatic

    • To be able to place request item in a stockpile or chest on contracts without have permission to the deed. It was not working properly, I had some bug on server for the contract part.

    • Transportation contract, place deed of the cart in escrow until completion of the contract because item will be in this cart.

    • Law for inactive players, like governor could remove the deed of one person inactive after x days. Would remove some griefer that takes one spot in middle of somebody's claim land & leave.

    • Law with time for Blast furnace, Stove or polluting things to work per day.

    • When hitting a Wood log and not breaking it, maybe not lose some calories if no action happened. This happens to get max yield when trying to cut a 3 logs yield in half, and keep hitting it to break it in half and its impossible.

    • Lining up Signs one beside the other could do a big sign . Like a sign for anouncing a store.

    • Powered Cart too hard to control even on a 4 way lane… Should be easier than that, and deconstructing the powered cart should keep fuel, as it is always stuck somewhere and we lose fuel if deconstruct

    • Carrying a stack of something (10) in hands and pulling a cart at the same time, don’t make sens. But before doing this change, we should be able to put the whole stack of 10 at the same time on the floor, to pick it up later.

    • Glass doors like in a store, that would fit the glass

    • More items to make the world beautiful. (Colors painting made by a chemical something like oil, more decorative things by carpenter or masonery that would decorate inside house and outside, Half block, etc).

    • Make things work on electricity, like a stove or else, run power lines from a Coal Power center where the pollution would be concentrate. Power lines done from Copper Wire and all that kind of resources.

    • Transportation Contract, Depot A to Depot B. If we find a Vein of an ore, we want to only dig it, put it in a stockpile & Somebody could transport it to point B where we need the ore.

    • When looking the link storage, Chest or Stockpile is identified (Storage), Chest should be identified (Chest).

    • When we unlink the storage, we should have an option to sort the unlinked below and linked up. (more option like, sort, put top, etc

    Here are some bugs, too. I didn't check the list, as I don't have time (I have to play the game :P ) and now I took some time out of my work to right this :) But if you want to have a look at it :)

    • Tree growing in the building when puting a dirt on the sprout and build over it. (Stump & Sprout should be taking the space of 1 block)

    • Credit, if we sell with currency and try to revert to store credits, it will screw up the “Y” window

    • Passed a law for 5 bison killed per day, 1st kill made, numbers went -13/5 then another one -12/5, then -11/5 and back to -13/5.

    • When moving around a lot of item in storage, it crashes.

    • Clicking cancel in a queue up project is crashing server. (

    This game as so much to offer and can do a lot more, thank you for this awesome game.

    Edit : I forgot one page of suggestions :) so more are there.

  • I created a bug report for the one bug with the crafting queue. You can also report those issues your self on our github if you like.
    Though please try to use the search function first and if you do not find any open issues create a new one with as many as possible tags in the issue header and as good as possible of a description. Also report only one bug per issue =) Makes it easier to hold control over what has been fixed and what not ;)

  • Great list, we will go through this and add what we can to the issues list!

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