Why is there no forum where update notes are posted by the dev team?

  • Every game I have ever played (including games still in Alpha and Beta stages) have always had a thread on their forums they would call something similar to update info. Every time you guys throw out an updated/newer version of the game for us to download, there is absolutely no where to find out what changes were made, what bugs were fixed, what new stuff was added, etc... I don't understand why this is so difficult for your company to do.

    For example, regarding 6.0, the server company where I purchase a server from has 14 different stagings that I can choose from to run. So If I download the files for the current one listed on the eco account website and then install that version for myself and others to play on, what changes were made to that version over the last version I did. Did it fix some of the bugs, did it add more content. Where oh where can I go to find this information. It should be posted on your forums for all to see, just like every other game does.

    For Instance, the first version of 6.0 I played on allowed me to chop down trees, dig holes, mine ore/stone however when I placed my workbench it was unusable. Several days later, a newer, updated version of 6.0 is out, I download it, fire it up and start to try it out. Now the Workbench is usable and I can craft things.

    Again having a place to go to be able to read what things have changes, bugs fixed etc....is huge. Please add this to the forums, or tell me where I can easily find this information.


  • Staging versions are a work in progress. The different version are just a way to update your client. They are not meant to pick and choose from.
    They give access to staging because the more bug testers the better. But staging versions are full of bugs and are not really meant to be played seriously on.

    The devs are not going to give you the list of the changes per "staging versions" Because not only it's work but they have absolutely no use of you playing an older staging version. If you want to play staging 0.6 you should update to the last one everyday. That way you can help find bugs. And you get to see by yourself what's new.

  • Howdy!

    We have patch notes for our stable builds. Though as @Mog has mentioned already staging builds are daily builds almost. Patch notes are both hard and sort of pointless. You cant really guaranty that a bug was actually fixed. That is what the staging builds is for. to test fixes, and bugs. As a developers though new versions can be only tested for a short time without a dedicated QA team ( that is quite costly). A playerbase that also can test those thinks is actually allot better then a QA team. But again it would be sort of pointless to invest time to create daily patch notes for a patch that is most likely be not completely true or that is already outdated in less then 24 hours.

    Staging builds are basically really broken builds anyway. and work in progress. It is not practical in general to create patch notes for those fast updates.

    I hope you get what i try to say =)

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