developer silence

  • Can the devs give feedback on how things are going?? I have been checking for some feedback for some time now and it looks like the pretty much abandoned the game. No one plays and there are barley and forum posts being made by any player. The devs are to silent and it feels uneasy when the do this. Plz just post a weekly thing telling how things are progressing.

  • You can talk to the devs in discord they're not silent at all. They are working on 0.6. You can download the staging version and see by yourself exactly how things are progressing.

    They are preparing for PAX at the end of the week. You will probably get the big speech about the new 0.6 features you're looking for then.

  • Sorry that it feels that way - we're trying to get small updates as much as possible out on facebook (if you check that) and we have some presence on the official discord server.

  • Howdy ! Definitely recommend joining our discord server here =) There is allot more activity there and it is easier to get a hold of us there ;) .

    Most people seem to like Discord more for direct communication, there is also a channel where you can see how much work is done. You can see live each time a change is pushed to the source code repository and ruffly some overview about what that update to the main source code repo is.

  • Yeah Discord and Facebook are where we post the most, daily. Lots of new stuff coming.

  • @NoBlackThunder said:


    hey thanks for the feedback, i'l check discord and fb from now on. Just a question tho, why don't you guys edit the webpage of eco with info. Like if you take a look at another indie game called project Zomboid. The post every Monday something about the game, sometimes the give info that isn't useful in any way but at least the say that progress went slow or something went wrong so the have to redo it. And i'm not sure if its written anywhere on the webpage that you guys communicate mostly on discord or on fb. But if it isn't plz post it on the webpage and if it is i'm sorry for missing it

  • Howdy! I will talk to Jeff and John and see if we can not make it more visible.

    Now on a personal opinion ( remember it is my personal opinion and not reflecting the teams opinion ;) ) :

    A general schedule every Monday and try to post something meaningful is actually quite hard and most likely even quite time consuming. Time that can be better spend on making a game. I also personally believe in direct communications that a more 1 way like main page post.
    Discord is a great tool to get directly and close to everyone while i feel that news post should contain larger info and updates instead just " nothing new , just smashing bugs" =) Facebook post do actually do show small progression and it is also easier this way, here we just post an image or a short video and a short line of text, Those come out at a random interval. All of this is easier for all of the team and us to get involved and we also get closer to people with direct communication. While updates on a main page are nice they should still only contain larger updates. That's at least my personal opinion and i think our discord is doing the direct communication thing very well =)

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