Pollution spreading even though I buried tailings?

  • Hi, new player here

    I recently discovered smelting and the tailings ended up on my stockpile, which is on dirt and exposed to the air. I noticed pollution spreading in the form of discolored grass and trees, so I checked the forum here and saw that I needed to bury the tailings within stone to dispose safely.

    I've done this, but problem is pollution is still spreading from the stockpile where the tailings were originally stored - there are no more tailings there so I'm confused why this is happening. I don't think there's anything else there that would cause this (I didn't notice pollution at all until I started smelting)

    It's too soon to say if the tailings underground are still causing pollution to spread, but this stockpile is far away from the original. Any idea what is happening here?

  • Hi!

    The Tailings really need to be buried deeply in Stone (i dig till i got at least 3 layers of stone above the Stockpiles) without any rubble nearby. Depending on how strong the pollution already was, it should take 24-48h till it's gone if there are no more tailings around. Maybe try to clear the stockpile and place it again if you're sure there is no other problem with them. Maybe you missed some Tailings at a stockpile nearby?

    Btw. it really looks very devastating even with "only" 1 % Pollution. Meanwhile it could already be solved for you :)

  • Thanks Plation,

    The pollution is only spreading from the stockpile where they were originally deposited, not the one I have buried underground (I've checked above ground and there doesn't seem to be any problem)

    I will try emptying and replacing the stockpile as you say and see if that works. Yes, it looks awful! I've been so careful to minimize my impact by replanting trees, being vegetarian etc so it's a bit sad!

  • UPDATE: Removing the stockpile has worked - the soil still looks stratified but the grass and trees have returned to a much healthier colour. I can only conclude that there is a time lag where pollution will continue to spread, even after the source has been removed and then it takes a long time to recover.

    Well, I've removed the original stockpile, double checked for hidden tailings, removed the bloomery but the pollution is still spreading over a larger area :(

    I noticed on the map screen there was a filter for ground pollution but strangely this doesn't show anything


  • What is the air pollution heatmap looking like?

    Air pollution have the same visuals as ground pollution. If your ground pollution heatmap is clean it's the only explanation I see. Air pollution disappear in hours, so it look like it was the trouble.

  • Same as the above, nothing. I've only smelted a very small amount, using logs so far though.

  • As far as I know, for now all combustible pollute the same amount. Pollution feedback is really fast right now. You can turn an ocean purple by just cooking one steak.

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