How do i Buy Eco with Other Payments?

  • How do i Buy Eco with Other Payments? Please help! I cant buy it with PayPal, I dont know the Problem, but I want to buy it with Other Payments!

  • At this time paypal is the only way to buy the game. You don't need a paypal account to use paypal - you can just use your credit card through paypal's gateway without registering an account. If paypal is not taking your credit card it could be that you have a paypal account using the same email and so should go through that account or there is an issue with your credit card and either paypal is rejecting it or your bank/credit card provider is rejecting paypal. You need to take this up with Paypal support or with your credit card provider. There is no other payment option, but if your credit card is not being accepted by Paypal it probably would not be accepted by any other credit card gateway either

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