Mog's Mods

  • I will post most of the mods I make there, to keep it compact.

    I know you all are playing 0.6 already, but there goes my fresh 5.6.1 mods. For old times sake eh.
    I will update / adapt them when 0.6 is released.

  • SoftEfficiency: A mod that reduces the impact of the efficiency skills.

    With this mod, you now are much more efficient from the start. And efficiency 5 gives you "only" twice as much output than efficiency 0.

    It solves several problems I have with vanilla:

    1. Faster playstyle: In vanilla you go from 65% effi to 80% when you unlock effi 5, it's huge. So players often choose to just wait for it to craft anything precious. Meaning you don't get access to the tech when you research the book, you get access to it one day later, when you finally put all those sp in efficiency. With SoftEfficiency, no longer the case.

    2. Mass conservation: You waste a bit in the process with no efficiency. But there is not 80% of the product that disappear into thin air anymore.

    3. "Difficulty" curve: In vanilla, the worse of the world destruction happens in the first days, when you are not even mass producing yet. No efficiency in anything so you need tons of food to cook rudimentary meals and all the living species of the planet really take a hit. It takes tons of resources to craft, etc..
      Then at day 10+ you can eat like a king with a small field around your house. Everything has become really efficient and easy. Except the grindy part of lazer building but that's an other subject.
      With SoftEfficiency the "difficulty" curve is a lot more smooth. You have more to work with day one, so you are less incentivised to just log off and come back later, resulting in, again, faster playstyle.

    I have mostly modified the efficiency skill files, trying to to touch the other files to much for mod compatibility. That's why you have some efficiency % from the start. But did my best to give round values at the crafting tables. I hade to make up 6 tiers of efficiency so not all could be multiples of 10. Enter a big value when you're crafting and you can figure out the ratios from there (try 100, 40, 70..).

    Feel free to let me know what you think of it. I've been testing it on Miisa's server ([EU]Friendly Ecoplay [2]..) It's not super crowded so I'm still curious of people's opinions. (Feel free to join the server BTW. Miisa's servers are really good and she is always around to resolve any problem.) : This file contains SoftEfficiency and some small mods that adds up nicely to it. It is the file I recommend you use.
    To install just drag and drop the Mods folder into your Eco server folder, and replace all. Restart the server for the changes to take effect. (Turn it off and on again)

    The separated mods contained in the pack: . : You don't lose or multiply barrels in the process of pumping/refining oil anymore. Not fully compatible with vanilla. : Biodiesel is now usable in carts and generators. Biodiesel now takes kitchen oil to craft and is more expensive (it's extremely cheap in the base game) : Bricks are now crafted out of dirt. As simple as that.

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