Version 6 Alpha CECA2382 Issue With stock piles

  • So I have two rooms, and stock pile is touching side of my house as shown in the picture below.

    in the picture I am standing on top of the room where my workbench and repair table is..

    even though the stock pule is like 5 squares away - it can not get a link to my workbench, only way for me to get a link would be to build the stock pile directly on top of my house it seems.

    this was issue int the alpha also. these giant stock piles really need a way bigger range so that we can actually build houses with out having to have these things on top of them.

    as of currently we would need stock piles on all sides of a house, a single room seems to take up the whole distance a stock pile is able to link to a table.

    it is not uncommon for people to build houses with many 10 by 10 or larger rooms attached and its silly that stock pile does not have a range above 120 or so squares.

    anyways I am done with this till next version again see how version 7 is when it comes out i guess, I am not sure what it is but me and my friends have not been playing game as much sense newer versions due to that game starting feel more like a chore then fun. specially with these stock piles...


  • 1st thing I'm going to ask is if you disconnected and reconnected as sometimes the storages don't show up un till you do that.

    Also if you run the server and have access to server files you can extend the link range of your storage.

    Another thing to remember is that alpha 6 is still in the bug testing phase and this could just be a bug that needs to be hit with the bug spray.