no more barrel return for gasoline....

  • So this is a simple idea, and I will probably be pushing it into my servers MOD pack. But for you Devs, it would be awesome if we couldnt make barrels anymore from gasoline.... im getting more barrels than seeds these days. Just let the gasoline production consume it so they cant be reused?

  • I made a mod for where you spend 1 barrel for 1 petroleum whatever your efficiency, and you also get one barrel back back par petroleum used at the refinery no matter your efficiency. So your barrel number always stays the same. The mod is here.

    The devs also already worked a fix for barrel multiplication in 0.6. From what I've seen refinery efficiency don't apply to pumpjacks anymore over there so you don't get more barrels at high effi anymore, but still lose some without full effi.

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