Barrel multiplication fix

  • I went ahead and made a fix for the barrel multiplication. No more barrel multiplication, no more barrels getting lost in the process, your barrel number remains the same.

    What I did is I used the efficiency to modify the pumping speed instead of the number of petroleum gotten (crafting speed skill still apply).
    And made it so you get 1:1 barrel:petroleum at the refinery. The efficiency still affects gasoline epoxy and plastic.

  • It's with great sadness that I discovered today that my mod actually doesn't work at all. All the values look solid in the UI, but once crafted you are still getting the same additional barrels at the refinery at most efficiencies. Because the values are rounded up for every unit crafted, not for the whole batch.

    So, sorry for the false hope :/

  • This bug will be fixed in the next release.

    Thank you for trying to get an early fix out there, though.

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