server crashers

  • i am an active admin on a server. currently named Ectoplasm. i have to restart my server multiple times a day to keep it going. i have found a few things that will cause the server to freeze. i will update this as i learn more.

    1. be weary of any action that freezes the game momentarily. i.e. buying things from the store or cancelling projects.
    2. cancelling big projects will freeze the server.
    3. sometimes when u drag and drop too much weight to your inventory u will kill the server (i.e. drag a stack of gasoline to you inventory instead of shift+ left click and select the amount u can carry)

  • From what I was reading the other day this seems to be fixed in alpha 6 or will be fixed by the time alpha 6 is fully released

  • nice. where do i get alpha 6?

  • The alpha 6 staging build can be found in your accounts page under the current stable build.
    But keep in mind the staging builds are usually quite buggy and are mostly for players wanting to bug test and report back to the devs any bugs they find.

  • thank you so much. pingperfect doesnt have that version available yet. i love bugs!! bring em on

  • Yer from what i remember about pingperfect they dont often allow you to run the staging builds

  • i can start "Ecoplay" 6.0.0 server for week if needed.. maybe longer if there is really users online.

    Also hosting ecoplay 5.6.1 servers, (two at that moment), Server one, normal. server two, modded (very interesting mods).
    discord for friendly users.

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