What are the in-game admin commands?

  • I've been looking around a little but can't find a list of the in-game admin commands (such as giving items to players, etc). Does anyone know what they are and what the syntax/usage are?

  • I've been looking for them as well; the tab on the server window that lets you configure admin privileges mentions /give and I think /ban, but I don't know whether they're implemented yet; if they are, I wasn't able to figure out their syntax. It'd be really helpful to have access to those commands just so I can more feasibly get a look at the later-game technologies in the solo server I was running to learn the ropes; my game crashed around day 4 and I lost everything, and I don't want to start all over just to figure out how the later branches of the tech tree work :)

  • On the Stream they showed /give and the usage not in detail but they did type it in when showing the crafting tables.
    For commands I think it is just /give and /ban (not sure if this is in atm)

  • As far as i know it's only /give that works at the moment, but they are working on a command list and more working commands for the next build..

  • I haven't been able to get the /give command to work. I watched their twitch videos and even using the command exactly like they do doesn't work. Was it removed, or does it work for you? I made sure I am an admin in the user manager.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Xelotath Just found out that I can only use the /give command when the server runs locally and not from the intended domain.

  • @Kochen said:

    @Xelotath Just found out that I can only use the /give command when the server runs locally and not from the intended domain.

    @NoBlackThunder Have you heard of this issue?

    In fact it also seems that the server don't remember/save the users added to the Whitelist/Admin list..

  • mhhh thats sounds strange .. should not be an issue since devs are using this .. but need to find out how and what the commands are and how they supposed to work :/

    i also can think of you might have the wrong item name ? .. to be honest .. running ti locally or remote should not be any difference

  • @NoBlackThunder I just type /give and then it adds a "tool" to an empty place in the toolbar or backpack.. Or at least it does when I run the server locally as mentioned.

    And then when you activate that tool it opens a window where it is possible to select any ingame item you need (as far as i know) and then enter amount if i remember correctly..

    But when i type /give on the server which are running from our domain it doesn't work which i don't understand since we tested the two servers with exact same settings..

    I was thinking it may be our domain server that doesn't recognise me as an Admin even though I've added my self to the Admin list..

  • In the next release there is: /players, /unstuck, /help, /give.

    It should work fine if you are marked as admin. You may have to log out / log back in if you change the admin property on the server.

  • @nfuller Okay..

    I have been listed as Admin all the time, and had several log in/out 's and a few server restarts.
    I can use the /give command by now, but it happened after we had to generate a new world and a server restart efter the meteor hit..

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