What has happned to this game

  • As of 08/13/2017 there are only 8 active servers. Is this game still active??

  • and 5 active players ?

  • Depends on what you mean by active servers as a lot of the servers are in different time zones and player activity will vary due to this.
    Also this is quite usual with eco atm to have a low player activity as players are all over it when a new update comes out and then it dies down towards the end of that update un till the next update comes out

  • Im experiencing the same kinda problem also, started a new round of eco. played for a few days and only 7 citizens on the server after being online for 17 days, there are more server online then active players at the same time it looks like.

    There's more eco players then we are seeing online but all playing with there own community friends, and this is causing a lot of spread.
    cause of the spread server get to inactive and those people stop playing again waiting for new update to start a new round hoping for more players.

    I think to get a few more succesful game round of the ground, less servers and more players playing together on less servers would make the game more active, ive stopped playing on my community servers after a day or 5 cause there was nobody else to play with.

    pretty hard to reduce the amount of servers, as community's like to have there own server online.
    if any body has some good feedback feel free to post it maybe if more people are away of the same issue or have other id's about what the problem might be we can increase game activity with a good plan/better approach.

    Greetings Zask,

  • I know a lot of the players are getting annoyed with the servers freezing up and stopping the crafting from progressing and the carts getting stuck in place.

    Another thing that's annoying them is when a carry only item ends up in a chest or the other way around when an inventory item gets stuck in a stockpile where they can't retrieve it

  • Yep. From my experience it's more about finding a stable server where the admin is playing a lot. I went through lots of servers where the admin wasn't there and well.. When the server is stuck you can't play. As simple as that.

    Then there is the fact that people don't like to join servers more than 5 days old. Not fun to be far behind in SP. So people naturally spread to the new worlds.

  • Well lets take today I click play and there are only 8 servers listed ( there were two pages full when i first started playing) with ZERO people playing on them. Is anyone playing this game any longer. I LOVE THIS GAME but there is no body playing

  • Hmm I don't know what's going on with your server list while I was on the game earlier today I saw a few pages of servers.

    What version of the game are you playing on?

    Does clicking show incompatible servers show more servers?

  • Hmmm you may be on to something I am running 5.6 if i check incompatible servers quite a long list shows up. Guess i may have missed an update and the game moved on without me LOL

  • I'm running 5.6.1 and I see a lot of servers on the list. Though I might get the latest staging build soon to check it out

  • Just downloaded 5.6.1 Thanks for the input it helped a lot I really love this game

  • It's an awesome game!!
    And your welcome bud

  • We noticed the stability issues have been taking a toll on active players, so we changed course and decided to release an Alpha 6 that fixes all the issues and adds some new features (whereas we were previously going to power through to beta). We're hoping to get that out before Pax in a few weeks, but that might be too ambitious, but regardless soon.

    We disabled showing incompatible servers, but thinking we should enable that so you can see when you need to upgrade, good point.

    Been awesome having a supporting and patient player base, gives us the time to really put maximum love into the project. Thanks all.

  • Did the update and found a nice server and all is well again Thanks for all the help and comments everyone

  • So much for a nice server spent 16 hours playing built a house made roads stockpiled lots of wood and stone. signed off come back the next day and they wiped the server (was only up for two days) EVERYTHING IS GONE

  • Hmm that's odd I dunno why an admin would wipe a server so quickly unless they had an issue with the game.eco and didn't know how to fix it.

    What region are you in?
    If close enough to Aus you could try our Aussie servers we don't plan on wiping the servers anytime soon

  • @emmeck I am in Chicago USA

  • Ahh yer that would likely be a 200+ ms ping to our servers but up to you.
    Umm fr3ked runs a U.S. server.
    Or perhaps try Pam's killservers eco server

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