Paint, Half-Blocks and Renewable Energy Sources

  • PAINT:

    Could there please be a way to change the color of items in game? With the PAX 2017 building contest, the desire to modify our builds has increased. Having an item like "PAINT" with a color wheel beside it to select our desired hues would improve player creativity.


    For the same reasons above, having the ability to create half-blocks would add to diversity in building.


    In Eco, you have the ability to create harmful energy sources to an environment, under the desire to show how it can affect an environment. It does limit the scope of types of methods we use to harvest energy sources. There should be solar power, hydropower, Canola, etc.

    Thank you!

  • I've often wondered why in an ecological game we can't really make clean energy.

    It would be lovely if we could use the windmill or waterwheel in a multiple setup to power things that we use the electric generator for understandably it would probably take many windmills or waterwheels to achieve the power required or perhaps make an advanced windmill that produces a larger amount of power and also requires a different set of skills to make than the regular windmill.

    Also while I'm on this chain of thought is there a way we could possibly make some of the tables like the stove and simular tables run on electricity for a cleaner greener way of life

  • The problem I see with clean energies early in the game is that people will go straight for them, vote every law they can that totally forbid pollution, and It's just a big part of the game that we will never see again.

    I have no doubt that the devs will add more clean energy sources to the game. Solar panels are in the artworks after all.

  • Well with clean energy it wouldn't be cheap to make to begin with it would be rather late level tech as you would need the electronics skill and a lot of materials.

    Also to add to this I believe they are adding or already have spaces where laws can be set in a certain area so you could potentially have more pollution in some areas and cleaner energy in others

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