Water physics

  • Just bought this game and so far love it but one thing what is disappointing is water. Way is behaving.
    Lets say you have river going, and i drop soil to block it, but water still goes unaffected.
    If i build 10 tiles tunnel water will fill it for few tiles just like minecraft which is crap.
    Are you guys planning to work on this?

  • I've heard they do plan on doing more to the water physics but that will likely be a lot later in the beta. How ever in alpha 6 they are updating the water a little bit by adding water animals and plants

  • Water is a tricky one, because if its given full physics treatment it becomes easy to flood the world, because theres an 'infinite source' of water at the root of a river that doesnt obey natural physics laws. Thus we have to do an approximation, which leads to the behavior youre seeing.

    The solution I put in is aqueducts: you can transport water long distance if you surround it with aqueduct blocks, then it doesnt reduce. We're also working on pipe and pumps and other ways to irrigate.

    I do have a soft spot for water simulation (check out our previous game Vessel).

  • cool thanks for reply

  • If you have Admin functions for yourself, you can also use /Level and /Give Water commands to terraform your area. It takes a bit to activate if you are summoning water for Farming purposes (freshwater source and water moisture), but it does affect and change the area of a 24 hour period.

    I discussed it here on this thread:

    link text

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