How to remove floating blocks at worldgen

  • Just a simple thing I discovered looking in the files, all those blocks of dirt hanging in the air on the sides of cliffs, that are personally triggering me, like those:

    hanging blocks hanging blockshanging blocks
    Apparently they are a game feature, and you can get rid of them in the options.

    Using the EcoServer UI it's under WorldGenerator>Config>Plateau>OverhangChance
    It is at 0.5 by default, if you change it to 0, no more hanging blocs next time you generate your world.

    You can also change it directly in the server files, in Configs/, find the line that says "OverhangChance": 0.5, and change the number to 0.0

    That's all folks. You will also have a lot less caves underground with this. Though I think you can still come across some totally enclosed cavities. Not sure 100%

  • Good tip, yeah it's a bug that it ends up floating like that. There's a lot of tweaks to plateaus that can be made and we'll be working on it through beta, adding more world gen options.

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