Random Wood Spawn

  • I cut down a couple of trees and then picked up all the wood and put it into my stockpile then I quit for a few mins.

    When I came back in there where pieces of log scattered around... they weren't there when I left the game.

    Anyone else having this happen?

    ![ecowood.png](uploading 100%)

  • Yup I was right it happened again I quit my server went back in and there is a piece of log that was there before... LOL free wood? xD

  • Not realy free wood. By cuting down the tree, you get some pieces of wood. But sometimes the client don't show you cutting a 2-pieces wood into two 1-piece wood. After logout, the server recognice, there is stil one wood

  • or 5 cause I just went back in to my server and picked up 5 wood LOL

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