Air Pollution Tips

  • I was wondering what the best way to mitigate air pollution is? What have you all done to help with air pollution?

    I want to use the blast furnace because it doesn't create tailings but I don't know how to deal with the air pollution. Any help would be great!

  • I haven't toyed around too much with how to mitigate air pollution. What I know is that it clear up on it's own as time passes fairly quickly. That you can build pipes to keep your lands clean and bother your neighbours. And that water turns purple at like 0.001% pollution. It looks super bad really fast but it does nothing unless you pollute like crazy. I've seen people cultivate crops on devastated lands with black water and all, it was still growing.

  • Someone told me air pollution goes away rather quickly so I'm not worried about it anymore lol

  • Yes it does go away pretty quickly. Though it will take a lot longer if you have longer projects on so it may be worth pumping it away if you have crops growing near by.
    I've also been told if you have the exhaust come out near trees it clears the pollution quicker so that might be something to consider

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