Laws should take effect once majority is reached

  • Laws currently have a 24 hour delay to give people a chance to vote, which sounds good in theory. Unfortunately, the delay is unsuitable for small friends-and-family servers. Even if everyone on the server unanimously approves a law, they still have to wait 24 hours.

    It seems to me that once a law has enough yes votes to pass, it should pass. For example, if there are 5 people on a given server, 3 vote yes, and one of them votes no, it should pass immediately. No matter how that 5th person votes it's going to pass anyway. The same should be true if it gets enough no votes to fail, it should be discarded immediately.

  • I should add that the 24 hour delay is still fine until majority is reached, whichever comes first.

  • I agree with this, since the outcome would be unaffected. At the very least a setting to enable such server side.

    I can see potential abuse though: First person in the world creates a new law that no one can oppose. Some degree of time lag seems like a good idea.