Mining Technology

  • After deciding to play for a while and getting heavy into masonry, I have found out just how bad calorie drain is while mining. Even with techs, there seems to be a huge disadvantage to having to pick and then dig the ore. Maybe adding some kind of tool that can either mine and dig in one step, or add explosives into the game to pre-fracture rock within a certain area first? Not sure if this has been submitted before, but just my 2 cents.

  • Well there is already an excavator in the game though it does pollute a fair amount and isn't the easiest it control

  • Yup, that's good for terraforming and such, but not too good for chasing down particular ores and coal without going whole-hog into stripmining. That, and it is pretty much an end-game tech at this point.

  • Also I believe dynamite is going to be introduced from something I heard recently

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