Hunting Calorie Use

  • So, When I hunt in ECO I move slowly with an Arrow notched. In real life it would take a Tremendous amount of muscle control to keep an arrow in the ready position. Also, Moving with an arrow notched should be "stalking". With the character moving slowly, deliberately and very quietly. This should burn more calories... there should be a way to Un-notch an arrow without firing... maybe I just haven't figured it out... but I don't think there is.

    I also don't like that the unused animal products disappear. Bone meal could be ground into fertilizer, obviously the fur and skin could have a use, feathers, claws, teeth... all could have a use. My Character might not know how to Tan but my character would know that the parts are useful?

    Also, Hunting and Domestication of Dogs goes hand in hand. I would like to see perhaps people who use Snares, from my Rabbit snares idea get a Wolf problem, LOL And then perhaps they could start domesticating them.

  • My Character might not know how to Tan but other characters would know that the parts are useful?

    Indeed they do, give your prize to somebody that knows butchery he will get you skins.

    As for the calories for hunting, meh. I'm happy that there is a few activities that you can still do without eating. Being forced to log off the game by lack of food is no fun.

  • I've never ran out of calories. The world is Bursting with food.

  • Bursting with food that give you food poisoning. Berries are toxic in eco, so are other raw stuff. Don't eat them or your skills per day will suffer a lot.

    Wild stew and charred meat 2:3 are 120 sp/day, wild stew and baked meat is 147 sp/day.
    If you eat raw stuff and basic campfire food you won't make half that and will be waiting for your points forever.

  • So instead of eating Row, you let your character's calories just sit at zero?

  • You eat and you log off. Even if you are low in calories it takes a while for you calories to go down when you're not playing. When you come back your crops are grown. It's sad but it's how it is.

  • Hu, Well Right now I got so much just labor it doesn't matter that I am not getting to many skill points. And I am going to have to Scour the world to find a Camus Bulb. :( I'm going to be dumb for a while. Thanks for the heads up thou.

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