Rabbit Snares/Turkey Traps

  • HI,

    It is Wicked hard to hunt small game with a bow! Which if fine, it's pretty tough in reality, but it causes me to always end up with Elk, even when I am trying to go out and get anything else, it is just exponentially easier to get elk.

    Anyway In the real world If I were looking to hunt a rabbit and I had a bow, and a hand full of fibers I could make into rope. I would hunt rabbit with a snare. With wild Turkey, wild Turkey eventually stop and eat... they don't just go mach 10 all the time. I Got a wild turkey but I had to chase it shooting arrows... not how a person would do it in the real world. You should be able to use lures for Turkeys, just toss some seed on the ground perhaps? Then if/when the Turkey comes to the Lure it would stop and peck the ground, giving the player time to shot it.

    About the Snare. I was also thinking abandoned or lost snares would make a animal avoiding area if the animal is left to rot, or the animal could be taken by a predator, which in turn could increase predator numbers...

    Anyway, I am enjoying the hunting, I like how the Bison really needs 2 players to be taken down easily. I have gotten a couple alone just by stubbornness but good move to getting people to work together.

    A good way to play on the above... It would take minimum 2 adults to bring an entire bison or elk in.