• Is there flooring? I haven't seen any recipes for floors in the workbench or the carpentry table as yet. Perhaps I've just not put enough points into one of them?

  • As far as I know there is no floors as such. But you can use almost any material as floors such as logs lumber concrete bricks and so on

  • I use floor and ceiling that material what is required to workstations to work. very useful that way.

  • Just to chime in along the same sentiment as these guys, there is no "flooring" in the game. There is however mortar stone, logs, bricks, etc. to be used as floor, wall and roofing blocks. There is roofing available if you want to use it but its not a necessity. It does look nicer, though. For flooring I've been using logs, its easiest to use. If you do a road next to your house it will push the dirt up against the logs/mortar stone/brick in the floor and erase the gap that is created.

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