Banning persons with claimed land causes issues

  • When we have had to, unfortunately, remove players from our server with claimed land, it bugs everything out. Prduction tables go on the fritz, any mints they had with their currency fritzes the economy function out, anything they owned that was set to private ownership like doors and storage chests become permanent, un-deletable structures, etc.

    It would be awesome to have a function that does more than just unclaim their land but also all objects the user was associated with.

    We are aware of the User file in the .Eco folder, but it comes with a risk of a world wipe. Could the Devs please look into making this more functional for Admins and server owners?

    Many thanks,

    327th Gaming Server

  • a work around i found, was unclaim their stuff then reclaim it with my own claims (as admin) and then i have full control of their things and can easily delete them with the Dev tool. gl mate!

  • I have used the /unclaim command. As an admin, simply go to the location and type that in the chat... works for me on 5.6.1

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