Festivals & Decor

  • Hello Econians!

    I have many ideas, but most passionately I would love to see Festivals and Decor become a thing.


    It would be nice to have the game world accommodate popular seasonal festivals, e.g: Halloween could be a Harvest festival where special seeds are offered like pumpkins.


    It would be nice to have options to decorate our spaces with items like potted flowers, paintings, draperies. It would also be nice to have options to have dye to effect blocks, like instead of black glass, perhaps a purple dye from Camas that makes the glass purple?

    Just thoughts.


  • The whole idea of the game is to have everything is player built. Roads are player built, towns are player built, economy is player built.

    Festivals should be player built too. Decide with the others that you'll have a festival a given day and go with it.
    Of course it would help to have more decorative elements to make it happen.

  • Exactly, we will need the devs to implement items in order to make these festivals happen, specifically along the lines of what i suggested, as, there are currently no pumpkins ;).

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