A question about stockpiles...

  • Can they be placed below ground level and still work? The reason I ask is because this huge pile of stuff can be an eyesore, when it has to be placed so close to your house.


  • They can, and it's a very good idea to do so if you want to stock tailings and not pollute the whole land.
    The reach distance is the same horizontally and vertically as far as I can tell, so if you put it too far down you won't access them from the surface.

  • I often place stockpiles under water when i live near rivers :) great place to hide them

  • Good ideas, both of you! Thanks! My house /is/ on the shore and has a river near it. Or, I suppose I could build it directly under the house? Centered so that each side room can reach it.

    Again, thanks for your replies!

  • that works too, ive seen many folks on my server putting it on their roofs.

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