PlayEco [Alpha 3.0] [24/7] [No Whitelist] [Dedicated] [TS] [Modded]

  • Has anyone had any trouble with making rooms?
    I tried to build a townhall but the rooms are not showing.

  • will be upgraded to Alpha 2 shortly.

    To fully test the new features of the new build and re-find any new bugs, we will be reverting the server to default states. This means no boosted skills or unlocks. However, you will still be able to craft chests in the Saw Mill and there will still be grief tracking on the server.

    We will be analyzing the impact of Alpha 2 on our other mods before reintroducing them.

    Sadly during testing, Alpha 2 was not very kind to the existing map and so a fresh map is probably required. I will attempt once more to rescue the map with this release version of Alpha 2 before wiping it.

    In addition, PlayECO is moving the server to more powerful hardware. The server address will update to connect will be the same but I will post a backup connect hostname once the move is completed.

  • The server moved to the new hardware and has been updated to Alpha 2 and you can connect with the usual address of
    If, however, you have a problem connecting, use as this is specifically set to the IP of the new server.

    Sadly as expected the new Alpha does not like pre-existing map data.


    PlayECO Mods that have been disabled:

    • Grass block pickup with shovel - Now part of the game but turns to dirt.
    • Dirt block pickup with shovel - Now part of the game (because of us?)
    • Mud block pickup with shovel
    • Sand block pickup with shovel - This is most likely to return first.


    PlayECO Mods that remain:

    • Craftable chests in the Saw Mill
    • Tailings placements are checked and logged for anti-grief purposes.


  • @Spathzilla said:

    FYI looks like the web server for the law system isn't accessible.

  • @HolyBastard I'll look into it, thanks!

  • @HolyBastard Should be fixed now.

  • Totally enjoying the server!

  • PlayECO has been updated to Alpha 3.0... Enjoy!

  • Once I get into the server I can't move at all... what am I doing wrong?

  • I can't move at all too, not an issue of pressing tab though, the world doesn't load up for me at all either.

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