RG Community Server 5.6.1 - 60 Day Meteor - Active & Friendly Community

  • Server Name: RG Community w/ ClaysTK - Meteor 60 days - discord.me/Wj3MSct
    Server address:
    Server Version: Eco Alpha 5.6.1
    World size: 120 x 120
    Meteor: 60 Days

    Staff members:

    Server Rules:
    Rule 1: Keep conversations game related on the server, No harassment, cursing, sexuality, religion in chat please.
    Rule 2: Stealing & grieving, is not allowed. (to minimize this claim your land, lock chest.)
    Rule 3: Land Claiming, dont excessively claim land by hoarding claim from other players. (hint: use deed to give others access to your land)
    Rule 4: Admins are not allowed to use there power for there own gain.
    Rule 5: Follow admin instructions, have a good conversation with them on discord.

    Have fun playing all,

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