localhost server disconnects after 30 secs. shows as offline

  • I'm having issues with localhost server and public server.

    issue: "[49:33] Loading ClimateSim... Finished in 0.3ms
    [49:34] Initializing WorldObjectManager... Finished in 24.1ms
    [49:34] Initializing RoomPlugin... Finished in 5.1ms
    [49:34] Initializing DiscordPlugin... Finished in 6.3ms
    Unknown client inactive for longer than 30 seconds, disconnecting client.
    [55:00] Disconnecting client [reason: Inactivity]..."

    OS: windows 10 pro 64 bit.
    java: latest 64 bit version
    game version:
    pc: cpu 5960x gpu dual titan x in SLI ram 128GB ddr4 ram
    firewall: rules added, but I turned off the firewall as well. ive followed the wiki and forums guide.
    network: local host ip for pc with port forwarded 2999-3001 ports, Verizon fios 75 75 direct connected

    the 3001 web page works and shows all the info but when I go to the game to see the server it says offline no matter which way I add the server. ive tried localhost:3000, localhost, my public ip with port, my internal ip with port, nothing is working. then when I check the cmd prompt the server is disconnected due to inactivity 30 sec later. I always run the server and the game as administrator

  • I think that clients auto "disconnect" after time, and reconnect if action is made. (just to save server resources).

  • if this is the case, then how do I get the server to show as online? no matter how I add it, it never shows as online and I cannot play. it must be online somehow if the 3001 web address loads and I can see the stats of the world when I go to the page.

  • MY case is and only this "Unknown client inactive for longer than 30 seconds, disconnecting client.".
    doing same time to time on my homehost.ECO-SERVER-PIC.png


    Edit Edit Edit.
    Do not add :port after address, and it appear online. mean do not use "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3000"!

  • @Miisa when i go to add server button and add the ip or even localhost without the port it doesnt work, it never shows up added on the list. ideas?

  • i am using Domain Name Service address, example (ecoplay.uk) and check your DMZ from router, that is turned on.

    " The DMZ feature allows one network user to be exposed to the Internet for use of a special-purpose service such as Internet gaming or video conferencing." from router help.

  • @Miisa i dont have a domain address like that. are you using some server you paid for? the guide on the forums talks about using your own ip with no need for DMZ. i already have the ports open and the firewall setup by the instructions given on the wiki and the forums. the both the local ip and the public ip do not work, this shouldn't be any different than the ip your explaining i should use.

  • That is how i made it to work, after week fight, i were in same point as you are, but those are what i did to "fix" problem.
    yes i have paid domain name, always have been, it was like 50€ lifetime.

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