GameCons (E3, GameCity,...)

  • A great way to show it to the public IS the Convention.

    As specially E3 for sure, BUT in Vienna we have a smaller version called "GameCity" where on Friday SCHOOLS take their Students to edu-game presentations and after that they can play a bit in the main hall. ( /

    That would be a perfect spot to show this to schools in Vienna/Austria and the Austrian board of education.
    And you may also show it in the Convention Hall to all the other commercial gamers.
    Since I life there and love to go there, I would have no problems doing a little presenting there and show off the Game.
    (I once did CM for a browsergame.. not very long but I got a peak and I know at least one Game-press in Vienna who would love that. And I did some promotions work .. (selling washing machines.. xD))

    So if you want to go for Austria, you may want to consider that.

    For E3 how ever (must go) ... I'm from Austria, so Germany is up north.. yes but with train and all it's a long trip.. not that I wouldn't mind, I've never been there, but maybe some one from Germany wants to do that in stead? Or even you guys, that one there is a major league convention! If you make the big screen there, you got it! ^^
    Vacation in Germany? :D

    What about other countries? Do they have local Conventions with high potential?

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