EcoServer Crash Computing Stats

  • So I did a backup on my server last night before going to bed and now when I open the EcoServer my world says [WorldGenerator] Idle so I pressed Regenerate and it went through everything until it reached here then it just crashes. Computing Stats


    I'm unable to get my server back up :\

  • I have the same problem when I press regenerate it crashes everytime.
    What i do is I go on the storage folder and delete, and then launch the server, it will generate a new world automatically.

    Edit: Apparently you didn't want to generate a new world at all. To restore your old world, in the storage folder there is a backup folder. Your old backups should be there.
    Copy the last one. Return to the storage folder, delete, past the backup file and rename it, and then launch your server. Everything should be back like it was before.

  • @Mog yea new world so you lose your progress and building lol...

  • Not get it, or why you are trying to generate world again?, as your backup is loaded in startup of server anyways.

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