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  • Nice! We'll want to start building the browser side architecture as well. Good luck on the exam.

  • <a href="">I've put together a new demo that is using SignalR too.</a> If anyone could test it on a current Mono, I would be much obliged!

    The path can be adjusted in the config and defaults to http://localhost:7777/. <i>test.html</i> is where the real action is; it's a list of objects (presumably) that is updated every second (by adding or subtracting a little bit). There's also a simple "chat" that is capable of broadcasting messages between everyone who's currently on the site.

    Let me know if it works on Mono, then I can refine it a bit and open the source.

  • repeatpan, it works on mono. Just need to watch capitalisation in filenames.

  • I Second the suggestions of ASP.NET -> AngularJS -> Signal R. I've used this same stack before for several projects and it has worked well.

    If anyone that has already started an early version I'd be happy to jump on board to help.

  • I also think that ASP.NET, angular and Signal R would be a viable solution. As RepeatPan mentioned it's probably not worth using the ASP.NET vNEXT right now but we've got to keep in mind that we will probably want to move over to vNEXT later on.

    Personally I would prefer a more lightweight and adaptable framework than Angular though. If I were to do it myself I would probably be using Vue.js as I find it extremely easy to use and customize for a specific implementation. Though I'm fully aware of the fact that most people are more comfortable working with Angular (even if it's a bit overrated in my opinion).

    But I'm afraid I will not be able to put that much time in this project as I'm rather busy with my studies and personal projects so I think it might be best to use the technoloy that the people who will be creating the biggest part of this system perefer.

  • I agree with the ASP.NET, Angular, Signal R stack.

    However, what version of Angular are we targeting? I have experience with TypeScript (and enjoy it) - it can be used natively with Angular 2.0.

    John can give a little more direction in what exactly is wanted in this Dev View, I can start creating some UI mock-ups and investigating needed pieces for the front-end.

  • Awesome! I did a run down of the dev view in an earlier post in this thread, let me know if anything wasnt clear.

  • Have you got any git repo for this project yet?

  • We've had one that we've dropped in favour of using the official, where we'll work as soon as we've figured out all the small details.

  • I wrote up more details on what I want to do with the ecosystem view:

    Discussion in #ecosystem in Slack!

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