Unable to join specific server anymore

  • I've been playing on 1 specific server for like 8 days already but for some reason for the last 2 days im struggling with joining this server.
    Since 2 days ago, my loading screen gets stucked at entering the world. i managed to somehow enter the world 2 meaby 3 times yesterday but eventually my character would be kicked for for example inactivity after 30 mins of for example mining ore. (not always when i was moving items through chests *as some ppl claim its probably issue related with chests). Both me and server admin tried everything like removing appdata, teleporting my character when entering the server etc etc. Nothing works. On the other hand there is no issue joining other servers, it takes meaby 3-4 seconds for me to load on different worlds !!

    Help please !!

  • In my experience a server restart usually fixes this

  • we tried literaly everything, removing character, restarting server, changing ports. Nothing helped.

  • Hmm that's odd then. I've had the issue of trying to join and it get stuck at say 14% of entering world and then I just restart the server and can load straight back in

  • Had this problem briefly myself, had to roll the server back to a backup and found it was caused by one particular stack of dirt sitting in my cart and the rollback seemed to fix the issue.

  • not only we removed my character and that didnt help, but we also set a brand new server with backup file from the main server and it was the only way i could log into the server, so its not an issue with some blocks i guess.

  • This issue is related to an object in the game. It's unclear what or how to duplicate. The only reason I say that is a player on my server reported this issue and I went to his last location and tried to interact with his kiln and it kicked me and gave me the load error. restart may or may not fix it. Admin deleting may or may not fix. Regenerating a fresh world will.

    Seems the devs have gone quite and no answer for this game breaking bug safely.

  • Its happened again to me on your server Storm.. Just posted about it here:

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