Quick question about alts

  • How many characters can you create per account?

  • Your account is your character, so only 1... so carefully pick name :)

  • Thank you for responding. Another question, then:

    Can you have more than one account? Or would you have to purchase another copy of the game in order to do that?

    The reason I'm asking is this: While I would likely invite family and friends to my server, I'd like to also be fairly independent. From the few videos I've seen, if you prefer the "solo" experience, you wouldn't have enough skill points to be able to specialize in enough skills to survive in the game. If this isn't true, then all's well. If it is, then "solo" play isn't really viable.

    Thank you for your time. :)

  • you can just join other servers for solo play without paying for more accounts. also with the current build of the game almost all players are jack of all trades. it takes very little effort to max out every skill tree. Its even easier to get the lower tier things right away due to cheap costs of skills.

  • Ah, good deal. Thanks for the reply and info. :)

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