Lesson plans

  • Has anyone got far enough with Eco to try it out in a class and draw up a lesson plan? If there are, would you mind sharing?

    It would be very useful for educators to have some lesson plans. I'd be glad to share mine with others as a common resource.

    Thank you


  • Good Point Paul. I am an educator and really want to use Eco but can not see how this would work given my limited amount of the time with the students. 15-18hrs total. The game appears to move too slow to get to a stage where you can actually make a robust educational experience. In Minecraft I can set the stage in advance, how can we make this game work for classrooms? Is there a way to compress the time it takes to get functioning economies up and running etc. From what videos I have watched online, students would spend hours just building the foundation of the society through chopping and mining rocks. Mini missions, or scenarios where students can drop in to a world already in certain levels of development perhaps?

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