[Server Bug] Few skills/item not obtainable

  • I've been looking around in the Mods folder on the server and I found out a few uncraftable items.

    • The baking skill book exists but is not craftable (should be in the mill).
    • Same for the stone well (should be in the furnace)
    • A Stove Table (didn't find a book for it though) to cook Sausage. The recipe seems too simple, I assume it's intentional. (EDIT: Stove blueprint's name is "Kitchen")

    The may all be intentional, but I want to write them here in case it is not :)

    EDIT: I have found some other items like a Sign and a Window, but not referenced anywhere in crafting tables, seems to be not finished/implemented yet.

  • mhh i am in a twist here =P not sure if i should create an issue for this since they might be still just placeholders. or not completed items yet. need to hear with them if they should have been completed =P and ready to test for the alpha

  • I logged this one, it's a bit weird how these things are maintained. You should be able to make stone wells.

  • The recipe exists but is not added to the list of available recipes. I think it is the problem there was for the nuclear object (added in the hotfix).

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